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Barefoot Doctor Bit: How Should You Handle People Who Say ‘Grow Up’?


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Superstar violinist and self confessed still using Class A drugs Nigel Kennedy, 56, recently ridiculed ‘people who say that middle-aged hedonism must denote some sort of emotional void’


“They’re boring fuckers, aren’t they? You know, everybody’s going to die at some point, but I seem to be in as good a health as anybody else of my age.” (Guardian)



Skrufff: How Should You Handle People Who Say ‘Grow Up’?


Barefoot Doctor: “People whose lives are unfulfilling have several choices; to do something creative to fulfill themselves; to be enlightened enough to be delighted to be alive even if unfulfilled, or be envious of people whose lives appear more fulfilling. Especially those in the public eye, and even more so obviously highly talented, colorful and unconventional ones like maverick virtuoso Nigel Kennedy.


Any criticism leveled at him for his refreshing candor about enjoying the creativity- and fun-enhancing effects of recreational drugs, whether you take them yourself or not, is motivated entirely by such envy.


To achieve and maintain the level of success he has would only be possible for someone who knows how to handle themselves responsibly and sensibly in all aspects of life, so if he chooses to display the courage to be honest about enjoying and benefiting from the effects of using recreational drugs, any intelligent person must assume he knows exactly what he’s doing and is aware of all the ramifications.


To assume otherwise is merely a sign of intelligence-deficit, something that generally accompanies the proclivity to succumb to envy. And to suggest his capacity for recreational drugs to enhance his successful life has anything to do with immaturity is merely highly immature in itself.


Maturity consists in understanding and acknowledging that everyone has their own way of doing things and provided it’s not directly or willfully hurting others is no one’s business but their own.


I suspect that had he stated he loved to get a bit drunk instead, these same people would find that laudably grown up, merely because it’s conventional and they could relate to it themselves – it wouldn’t challenge their limited worldview and hence wouldn’t spark up anger-envy reaction as a defense mechanism.”


Questions by Skrufff.


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