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Barefoot Doctor Bit: The Ecstasy Blame Game



Last week, the New York Daily News published a vicious profile of Electric Zoo creator Mike Bindra, attacking him for being the general manager of legendary New York nightclub Twilo in the 90s and labelling Electric Zoo ‘Death Fest’.


Tracking down the ‘devastated mom’ of a clubber who died at Twilo from poison pills in 2000, the tabloid asked her of her views on Mike’s background.


“I don’t know if he has any kids or not,” Linda Wiest told the Daily News after learning of the connection. “But if he does, I would hope that he can only imagine how many families he’s destroyed.” (New York Daily News: )




Skrufff: What do you Make of Relatives of Ecstasy Death Victims Blaming Club Promoters?


Barefoot Doctor: “When tragedies occur people go through various stages in coming to terms with them – denial, anger, sadness, grief and so on. While in the anger phase the tendency is to blame someone or something.


This occurs through a basic misunderstanding or lack of appreciation of destiny and all its ramifications. The person or entity receiving the blame is generally the easiest target rather than the responsible party.


Blaming club promoters is as misinformed and misdirected as blaming the weather forecaster when it rains.


The responsibility for death by drugs lies primarily with who’s taking the drug, or if too young to make informed choices, with their parents for insufficient education on the topic, but also with global society at large, and specifically our government bodies for not yet having shown the basic common sense to legalize them.


By doing so, they’d then be able to regulate the quality and to some extent intake of recreational drugs, and bring the conversation out in the open so people can be better educated about how to take the drugs, what the likely side effects might be, what not to mix them with, and how to conduct themselves while on them.


And the huge amounts of money raised on taxes from drugs, as well as the huge amount of money saved pointlessly fighting drug-taking, could be then partially apportioned to education and treatment where necessary.


By the same token, even if this were the case, there would still be tragedies, just as there are with overuse of alcohol.


But to blame club promoters is as misdirected as blaming the bartender when someone dies of alcohol poisoning. One of the big steps required for the next phase of human evolution will be people taking responsibility for themselves and their charges, rather than blaming others, and this holds as true for the tragedy of drug related deaths as any other sort of tragedy.”



Questions by Skrufff.


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