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Berlin’s Madmotormiquel on Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sept 27/ 29) (Interview)

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Influential underground Berlin DJ/ producer Madmotormiquelis the guest DJ on the new 2 hour Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio this week, providing a one-hour mix combining all sorts of dance-floor flavours.


Miquel’s mix (he prefers Michael NOT Miguel! he stresses) broadcasts for the first time this weekend (Friday September 27 14.00-16.00 CET and Sunday September 29: 19.00-21.00 CET on Pioneer DJ Radio.


Click here to listen:



Skrufff: What was your approach with the mix?


Madmotormiquel: “In this case I wanted to take the listener on a journey though that’s always my ambition whenever I’m playing music. Sometimes the audience in a club isn’t patient enough to let the story slowly unfold, they want you to get to the last chapter immediately but that’s the best thing about podcasts, you have the chance to play all this stuff which tells great stories that you sometimes can’t tell in the club.


And the listener has the chance to listen to the music in different situations so they are much more open and willing to hear the whole story.”


Skrufff: What’s your take on Berlin’s sound at the moment; what’s exciting you music-wise, how much do you feel it’s changed in the last 2 years (seems to me like everyone’s increased the energy and the drive? 


Madmotormiquel: “I think one great thing about Berlin is that we have so many clubs and so many different styles of music that that you’ll always find a place where you feel at home, club-wise or music-wise.


I’m not really the kind of guy who’s constantly worrying about musical developments or new trends, changes happen all the time, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I still feel happy to be part of a great electronic (underground) music scene whether that’s in Berlin or internationally. But for sure the whole Berlin club lifestyle has definitely influenced Europe and even the world wide club and festival scene over the last 2 years.”


Skrufff: What’s happening release-wise for you right now?


Madmotormiquel: “There is really a lot of stuff coming out this year.

Firstly there is the new Underyourskin release where I made two remixes for them, than there will be a track on Upon You, a remix for the French label Delicieuse records, a remix for Soukie & Windish on our label URSL, a remix for the new Munich label Autonomica music, a new Katermukke ep is also in the pipeline . . . just to name a few. I’ve worked a lot on remixes and releases this year, apart from taking breaks to play throughout the long festival summer.”


Click here to listen:





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