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Bob Lefsetz Bursts EDM Bubble




Notoriously outspoken music industry expert Bob Lefsetz labeled the recent drug deaths at US EDM festivals a ‘serious problem’ in his hugely influential newsletter this week and cited Tipper Gore’s Parental Advisory sticker campaign of the 80s as an example of what EDM could soon face from politicians.


“Can you believe death and drugs are gonna kill electronic music festivals? Just when the big boys got in. Maybe they should have stayed out,” he suggested. (PRMC )


“Playing to the government is usually death,” he added, “Maybe EDM has to go small again before it can truly be big. The odds of death are fewer the smaller the crowd


The ‘big boys’ Lefsetz referred to were identified as Live Nation, Yucaipa and Robert F.X. Sillerman’s revived SFX’ by Billboard magazine in an earlier article about the commercials implications of the two deaths at Electric Zoo Festival last weekend, which Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thompson said could easily scupper EDM sponsorship deals.


“The biggest thing that adds to your bottom line from day one without selling a ticket is a brand partner,” she explained.


“If they’re reading that kids die at these things, they’re gone, and if they’re gone, it’s absolutely devastating for promoters.” (Billboard: )












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