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DJ Sneak Suggests Laptop DJ Cable Solution

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US house hero DJ Sneak advised Dutch tech star Jooris Voorn to ‘get a USB stick’ this week, after becoming infuriated when Jooris’ tour manager tried to start cabling up his laptop and controller during the closing stages of Sneak’s Pacha Ibiza set.


Branding the manager a ‘wanker’ for trying to cut into his set time, Sneak suggested laptop DJs should in future start their usually intrusive cabling activities after the previous DJ has finished rather than during the proceeding DJ’s set.


“Why not just start your set on a cdj (with a CD or USB stick) then set your computer up when the djs before you are out?” Sneak suggested, explaining he no longer wants ‘people fuckin over the mixer while I’m using it (leaning over, wiring in cables while he’s still in his own set time).


Entering into a lengthy subsequent online debate with Jooris (and many of Jooris’ fans) he broadened his tirade towards laptop DJs in general, declaring ‘(the) funny thing is laptop guys think they’re doing something SO much better than actually dj’ing! No dude! . . .Leave lab tops for checking emails and controllers for video games.”


“I’m NOT sorry,” Sneak concluded in a penultimate post about the issue, “And next time one of these laptop djs play after me have your shit set properly before my set or ASK nicely when it’s OK to get in and set up your shit.”


USB fanatic DJ T also complained about laptop DJs I an interview with Ibiza-Voice this week in week he admitted he ‘still can’t get used to seeing DJs stare in their laptops for hours.’


“I also can’t get used to DJs coming in 30 minutes before their set starts, connecting their jumble of cable, scurrying around you and seriously disturbing your vibe,” the Get Physical legend added.









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