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Full Moon Party Predator Alert

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Australian Honorary Consul Larry Cunningham urged revellers to steer clear of the Full Moon parties at Koh Phangan this week, declaring that predatory locals are sedating partygoers with cocktails laced with kratom and even mosquito repellent Deet, before robbing and sometimes gang-raping them.


“They are some of the worst criminals in Thailand . . . rapists, murderers and thieves and some are corrupt police,” the Consul told the Brisbane Times.


“These (raves) are dangerous, dangerous places . . . even groups of revellers are targeted by these criminals,” Mr Cunningham said. (Brisbane Times: )


Authorities in nearby holiday island of Koh Samui, meanwhile, warned of an additional threat posed by mosquitoes in the area, following a massive increase in cases of dengue fever throughout Thailand.


The latest alert came two months after the Bangkok Post predicted that 120,000 people could catch the debilitating, sometimes fatal, disease this year, after the type of mosquito responsible for spreading it – the tiger mosquito- started living for two months instead of one.













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