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Jonty Skrufff Live at Katerholzig on Pioneer DJ Radio




Germany Calling co-host Jonty Skrufff delivers this week’s DJ mix for the new 2 hour Germany Calling this week, providing a one-hour live mix recorded live at Katerholzig (Berlin) last month.


His s DJ mix broadcasts for the first time on Pioneer DJ Radio this weekend (Friday September 6: show starts at 14l.00 CET/ the mix airs at 15.00).


Then again on Sunday 8 September 19.00-21.00 CET: 18.00 London time) after which it will be added to the Germany Calling Mixcloud page in several week’s time.




: What was the setting and situation in which you recorded the mix?


Jonty Skrufff: “The set was recorded at Katerholzig last month in the club’s Hutte dance floor, the wooden hut style space on the left when you walk in. It’s quite different from my usual style, both because I was playing an opening slot and the room itself is known for housier, deeper sounds than I usually play. This was the first hour of what was a four hour set.”


: How has your musical style changed since moving to Berlin 5 years ago?


Jonty Skrufff: “I’ve definitely dropped the rockier/ poppier more mainstream elements that used to creep into my sets when I lived in London and I’ve got used to playing much longer sets- 4 hours is now my usual length. This gives me a lot more room to develop vibes and, to use a cliché, tell a story. I’ve also radically dropped my bpm range in recent years: I’ll now play anywhere from 115bpm (even lower sometimes) whereas 128bpm now feels unbelievably fast.


Having said that, I still love killer beats and crunchy kicks and continue to spin lots of Dirtybird style dubstep flavoured beats in sets, which always go down great in Berlin- they love killer bass sounds. And I remain devoted to mixing and matching lots of different flavours/ genres together creating a vibe and flow that I hope catches people and- when I get it right- mesmerises them. I want to make people lose themselves in the music and I want them to dance- non stop.”


: What’s your view of Berlin’s club scene right now?


Jonty Skrufff: “Berlin’s club scene is thriving and growing constantly, I absolutely love it here. Nowhere else in the world even comes close, in terms of vibes, venues, crowds and freedom. Clubs staying open for 72 hours (such as Sisyphos and Katerholzig) is absolutely normal and Berlin is packed with interesting people living alternative lifestyles and pursuing their dreams way outside the mainstream.”


Seb Mortimer (


  • Tracklisting:
  • John Dimas – Rhythm Trap
  • The Skull – Lovesong
  • Villanova – One Night
  • Basti Grub – La Paz
  • Ben Rau – Ziegler’s House
  • La Fleur – Nightflow
  • Bali Family – Rain & Shine
  • Mooner GL – Kue
  • Holocube – Flat Lick
  • & Me Shallow
  • Johnwaynes – Worth It
  • Dinky – Blind
  • HOSH – Fireman



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