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Luciano & Apparat Cancel Gigs for Health Reasons




Management for Luciano announced that the Cadenza chief was taking a week off from gigs in Ibiza last week, after developing ‘several back problems that have been ongoing for several weeks’.


“Sadly we are forced to cancel Luciano’s appearances at Vagabundos tonight and at Ushuaïa on Tuesday,” they posted on Facebook on September 9.


“Luciano is currently unable to perform due to his physical condition and he has been advised to avoid any pressure that can come from his many commitments. We are looking forward to returning soon for the next gigs and dates and we truly thank you for your understanding,” they added.


Two days later, he appeared to be fully healed as they announced on Facebook that he’ll be back at Booom (on Sunday 15) then at the Cadenza Ushuaia closing party on September 17.


Considerably worse off this week was German tech-electronic producer Sascha Ring aka Apparat who was forced to cancel his upcoming Autumn tour with Moderat after having a motorcycle accident in Berlin on Saturday (September 7)


“We are happy to announce that given the circumstances, Sascha and his girlfriend – who was with him at the time – are doing well,” his bandmates from Moderat said in a statement released via facebook,


“However, Sascha has sustained a complicated multiple leg fracture that is likely to impede his mobility greatly in the coming weeks and possibly months.”


Writing on his own Facebook page several days later, Sascha provided more details of his situation.


“I’m sorry, after a motorcycle accident last Saturday I will have to cancel all Moderat shows. Considering the circumstances my girlfriend and I are ok but it’ll take me a few months to learn how to walk again,” he revealed.


“In an interstellar burst, I’m amazed that I survived,” he added.


By the end of the week he was back in the operating room for further treatments.


Hi everybody . . . let’s wish Sascha a speedy recovery now,” Moderat posted on Friday 13, “He will have another surgery today . . .”








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