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Mollywatr ‘Better Than Coke’

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Canny US entrepreneur Ken Unaeze has launched an EDM-friendly bottled water drink called Mollywatr which he said this week aims to tackle the ‘stigmatization of water consumption.’


Chatting to the LA Times, Mr Unaeze enthused evangelically about his new product which he’s marketing to ravers with soft porn style twerking videos and T shirts delivering the message ‘Molly is better than Coke’.


“I wanted to come up with a name (Mollywatr) that really struck a chord,” he told the Times, “and spoke to this scene in a way that would make water as important to these people as it actually is.” (LA Times: )


Explaining the product in more detail on Facebook, the ‘About Mollywatr’ description said it’s a ‘great tasting nonsense free drink to quench your thirst while you get down’ and revealed that users can interact with the specially designed bottlrs.


“Be sure to supercharge this bottle underneath a UV light source to enhance your visual experience,” the page advises, “MOLLYWATR keeps the party going. Let’s get hydrated.”





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