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Sao Paulo’s Renato Cohen on Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sept 13/ 15) (Interview)

Renato- click to access Pioneer DJ Radio



Brazilian disco/ tech star Renato Cohen is the guest DJ on the new 2 hour Germany Calling on Pioneer DJ Radio this week, providing a one-hour mix combining all sorts of dance-floor flavours.


Renato’s mix broadcasts for the first time this weekend (Friday September 13 14.00-16.00 CET and Sunday September 1519.00-21.00 CET on Pioneer DJ Radio.



Skrufff: How the hell are you? What’s going on in your world right now?


Renato Cohen: “I’m great, I’m working a lot in the studio on lots of new tracks for dance floor and also a more musical project I’m starting with a friend called “Bopchua”. It’s a mixture of electronic and organic sounds but all the arrangements are written pretty much like songs.  We are kind of avoiding computers to write music, so its quite a different approach for me and is a lot of fun.”


Skrufff: How about the vibe in Sao Paulo: what happened after all the street protests several months ago?


Renato Cohen: “The protests are continuing but they’re not as big as before.

And the mainstream media (who effectively own the country) are just pretending that nothing is happening and whenever something does it’s simply caused by a few troublemakers. But the new kids out there are no joke, I’m pretty sure this is gonna’ come back even bigger. It is a very good time to see the true colors of politicians and also the friends you have on Facebook.”


Skrufff: What about the new DJ mix; what approach did you take with it?


Renato Cohen: “It’s a selection of the tracks that I’ve been playing often recently. For this particular mix, I used one turntable for vinyl and 2 cd players.”


Skrufff: What does ‘Renato Cohen’ stand for in 2014?


Renato Cohen: “The same old thing I guess, making and playing music: And new clubs, new parties and new people. There is something in Brazil that doesn’t happen much in Europe. I have a chance to play to a very different audience every night. One night I can play totally techno, another one I could go Disco or just House: it’s still very exciting to be able to do that.”


Skrufff: When are you coming back to Europe? Berlin?


Renato Cohen: “October maybe, I’m always confirming things at the last minute, like a good Brazilian :)








Interview by Jonty Skrufff ( )


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