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Scientists Identify Ketamine Cancer Side Effects





Doctors in China have warned that ketamine users risk developing liver cancer, after discovering two young users suffering from liver fibrosis ‘leaving them with livers resembling those of 60-year-old alcoholics.’ (South China Morning Post: )


“If it goes untreated, say for three to five years, it may have developed into liver cancer by the time symptoms emerge,” liver expert Professor Grace Wong Lai-hung told the Post, “and a transplant may be required.”


The study examined the health of 305 young ketamine users who had taken K for six years, 180 of whom were female and discovered that almost all of them had vastly reduced bladder sizes. Though bladder sizes increased amongst those who quit, doctors said ‘all patients had suffered irreversible damage’ to their bladders.


The report emerged just as Sabotage Times writer Tom Armstrong suggested it is an ‘unavoidable fact that the recent boom in deep and tech-house has brought with it a club culture based around’ ketamine, though ridiculed K users for being ‘zombified clubbers . . . entirely disinterested in the music’.


“To the DJs and the crowd the music was secondary; something to have on in the background while everybody disappeared into their own world,” he declared, describing a recent ‘supposedly underground warehouse party in a cutting-edge part of London with some of the finest house DJs in the world’.


“Nobody cared what tune was playing,” he added. (Sabotage Times: Dancefloors against ketamine; )









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