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US E Deaths Spark EDM Backlash

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US theme park operators Six Flags cancelled their upcoming EDM festival Electric Adventure in Boston this week in a move the Boston Herald said was linked to the overdose death of two revellers attending last weekend’s Electric Zoo in New York.


Though festival organisers offered refunds though no explanation for the cancellation and Six Flags spokeswoman Jennifer McGrath justified it ‘in light of recent events’, revellers on Electric Adventure’s Facebook page had as few doubts about the reasons as the Boston Herald.


“Just in case you want to know . . . cancelling events will not stop unresponsible (sic) kids from doing drugs,” said Caitlyn Terese.


“That is their choice and if they choose to do them they will find a place to still do them. You’re just ruining it for all of us responsible kids who just want to see their favorite DJ’s in a different location to a bar or festival. It’s not fair and it’s not a ‘solution’ like you think it is.”


Also in Boston, Mayor Thomas Koch vowed to close down Quincy venue Ocean Club as local police chief Paul Keenan branded the 1,600 capacity club a ‘public health hazard’. (Patriot Ledger)


In New York, meanwhile, the Daily News published a vicious profile of Electric Zoo creator Mike Bindra, attacking him for being the general manager of legendary New York nightclub Twilo in the 90s and labelling Electric Zoo ‘Death Fest’.


Tracking down the ‘devastated mom’ of a clubber who died at Twilo from poison pills in 2000, the tabloid asked her of her views on Mike’s background.


“I don’t know if he has any kids or not,” Linda Wiest told the Daily News after learning of the connection. “But if he does, I would hope that he can only imagine how many families he’s destroyed.” (New York Daily News:)


The New York adulterated ecstasy deaths happened just a month after seven young Brits died in the UK in similar circumstances which prompted Spectator columnist Alex Massie to blame politicians as much as drug dealers or dance music professionals.


“They (politicians) may only be secondarily responsible but they cannot wish their responsibility away,” he said, “Because these deaths, horrid as they are, must be the obvious, oft-noted, consequence of prohibition.” (Spectator)


The issue was also tackled in the UK some years earlier by leading drug expert Professor David Nutt who provoked mainstream media outrage when he pointed out that horse riding is statistically more deadly than using MDMA.


Cambridge University risk expert David Spiegelhalter agreed with the professor, pointing out that ‘driving 230 miles in a car, riding six miles on a motorbike, travelling 6,000 miles in a train or by taking three flights’ was equally as risky as dropping an E statistically.


“So why the indignation at Professor Nutt’s remarks?” Professor Spiegelhalter queried (in an article published in the Times.)


“Certainly those who take the risks don’t seem to mind: in both cases (of ecstasy use and horse riding) there’s a simple trade-off between risk and enjoyment,” he pointed out.


“But other (generally older) people feel the need to take a moral stance; this may be as much about young people being irresponsible as about Ecstasy being illegal,” he suggested.














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