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Anti-Rave Cops Bust Grease Screening

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Party police who were tipped off that an unlicensed rave was happening outside a local pub in the picturesque village of Forest Row, Sussex, were left-red faced last summer when they discovered the ‘rave’ was an open air screening of 70s musical Grease for local pensioners.


Movie night organizer and local councilor Rodabe Rudin told reporters the riot police look confused when they discovered the senior citizens ‘humming along’ to John Travolta singing ‘Sandy’ in between snacking on popcorn and hot dogs.


“They looked a bit baffled and asked if we were having a rave so we told them we weren’t,” Ms Rudin told reporters.


“It was a bit of a waste of their time to be honest. There were some teenagers hanging around at the back but I don’t believe they were raving either,” she added.


 ”The next film we’ll show will be Dirty Dancing, but there will certainly be no raving,” she promised. “We’re all far too old for that sort of thing.”


Local cops claimed they were ‘amused’ by the incident and stressed they ‘always respond to reports of raves’. (Daily Telegraph: )


Details of the cops’ confusion emerged over ten years after one time rave DJ Laurent Garnier admitted to being a massive John Travolta fan, in an interview with the Standard in which is also confessed to owning two copies of the ‘Birdy Song’.


When I’m really drunk with a few of my friends I love playing that shit,” the notoriously French soap-dodging superstar DJ admitted.


“Hey, I’m not embarrassed,” he added. “I’m proud of my ‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ albums too.”


Villagers in Christinesti, Romania also admitted being musically confused in 2004 after they mistook a local raves flashing lights for alien spaceships so took to the streets fearing alien attack.


“We believed we were seeing UFOs and some old legends from around here about clocks stopping, animals going crazy and a previous UFO landing in the area suddenly came to our minds,” Costel Roman explained. 


“We were so happy when we heard we had escaped an alien invasion,” he added.









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