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Barefoot Doctor; When Big Brother Really Is Watching

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Last week the New York Times revealed that US secret police force the NSA are combining GPS tracking data with Facebook profiles, phone records and ‘contact chains’ of emails to build detailed profiles of vast numbers of people . . .


Skrufff: In the wake of the NSA revelations that Big Brother really is watching, how should people alter their behaviour?


Barefoot Doctor: “The first thing must be surely not succumb to paranoia and start skulking around fearing the men in black will pounce at every turn, because then you’ve lost the personal freedom game to their repressive world-view.


The second thing, in light of the technology to remotely turn your phone’s microphone on whenever various key trigger words are spoken in the room, the car or wherever, is to become conscious during real-life conversations, of avoiding obvious trigger words associated with the sorts of activity they claim to be concerned to curtail, similarly on email and all messaging platforms.


Thirdly to not assume that just because you’re probably not involved in any illegal activity you couldn’t get caught up in a situation that would snag your time and focus, so to take heed of point two.


But fourthly, not to overreact and blow the whole issue out of proportion, for ultimately no matter how much the gloves are off in this game, destiny is still destiny.


In other words, what will be will be as it was always going to be, so relax, celebrate being alive no matter how much you’re being watched, and do whatever possible as you go along to make life sweeter, easier and more beautiful for those around you, as that’s pretty much the antidote to the repressive effects of all these strange characters engaged in all the snooping activities.”


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