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John Talabot Cancels Mexico Trip After Delorean Kidnapped


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Spanish band Delorean suffered a terrifying experience in Mexico this week when thugs ‘virtually kidnapped them’ and threatened to shoot them.


Taking to Facebook afterwards, Delorean explained what happened.


“On Monday morning October 7th we received a phone call at our hotel room in Mexico City from a person posing as a hotel security officer. We were informed that there was a security threat at the hotel,” they recalled.


“What followed for the next 30 hours was an experience where the threat of death was real due to the psychological manipulation inflicted on us by our kidnappers. Thanks to the fantastic work of the National Police in Spain, Ertzantza, Interpol and the Federal Police in Mexico, we were successfully rescued yesterday morning.”


Spanish newspaper El Pais interviewed a security expert who said the four piece band had never been in danger and were instead the victims of a common ‘virtual kidnap’ scam, though fellow Spanish DJ John Talabot and his collaborator collaborator Pional cancelled their tour, revealing in a statement that  ‘Delorean had been kidnapped from the same hotel which we had planned to stay.’


Also tressing in the Facebook statement that their decision should in no way be ‘taken personally or as an attack to Mexico as a country’ and they ‘do not want any other band to cancel’ the pair nevertheless painted a chilling picture of Delorean’s experience.


“Call it “virtual kidnapping” or something else. It is kidnapping when you are told that if you leave your hotel room, harm will come to you whilst the kidnappers negotiate with your family your release,” said John.


“I’ve never had to deal with a kidnapping and hope to never have to, but first of all, we want to support our friends and family. That’s our priority, the cost of any gig or anything they might need in that moment because Delorean are like family to us.”


“I understand we may have upset some people but i also hope they can understand our point of view, and if there’s no understanding in this matter then I’m sorry, it means that we don’t have the same values. I just want to say I’m very happy that Unai, Ekhi, Igor and Guille are returning home and that we can soon give them a hug,” he added.














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