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A UK design duo who invented a Wonderbra-style support vest which makes man boobs look like muscles have sold thousands of units, Time Magazine reported this week.


Funkybod Muscle Tops retail at £29.99 and are ‘a bra for men disguised to hide your manboobs’, one TV news report explained, a description the garment’s website explicitly embraces.


“Worn as a normal undershirt garment, the Funkybod top is a great confidence booster for men in the same way a padded bra works for women,” the website explains.


“Because of the way it is designed, there is a marked improvement in the look if the wearer has the typical visual manboob issues when wearing a shirt.”


Funkybod founders Ash Bhunnoo and pal Ricky Robinson told the Daily Star their shirts are proving popular with bouncers and gym goers near their home town in Medway as well as one group of customers further afield.


“A lot of our customers come from California,” Mr Bhunnoo told Kent Online, “I don’t know what it is about Americans and vanity but they just love it,” he added.






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