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Siebrand Dijkstra (AppMachine): Building Your Own App (Absolutely No Coding Skills Required) (interview)





App Machine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra will be delivering an exclusive demonstration and talk at ADE next Thursday (11:45 – 12:30 Dylan (D2 Panel Room, October 17) explaining why ‘absolutely no coding skills are required’ for his company’s service.


During a 30 minute presentation which includes a practical demonstration of how Armin Van Buuren’s app has been built, he’ll be aiming to show both ‘how simple it is to build your own app and what an app can bring an artist’.


As well as building apps for the likes of Armin Van Buuren Ferry Corsten- and ADE- his company has already created over 1,200 apps for large and small organisations since going fully live in June 2013.


“We’ve created apps for lots of big names in EDM, sure,” says Siebrand, but we are more proud of the small customers, such as a priest in New York who built the My Confessor app or the election committee in Tasmania.”


A report last month on Beta News said ’41 percent of all Android apps available in Google Play can be deemed as “dead” — they have received less than 10 reviews and ratings and not a single update throughout their existence — while a more significant 65 percent of all iOS apps in the Apple App Store and 69 percent of all Windows Phone apps in the Windows Phone Store share a similar fate’: So what’s to stop Appmachine apps suffering a similarly bleak fate?


“There are three reasons why this won’t happen to your AppMachine app,” he responds.


“Firstly, if an external app developer builds an app for you, you usually need to pay them lots of money again to update it- most people and companies today don’t have the budgets for that. With AppMachine, updating is affordable (we charge 228 euro/year).


Secondly, we have 18 developers constantly working on our platform and extending the possibilities. So with an update license you get access to all the functionality they build.


And the last reason is that you can change your app yourself on our website, add content, change the design etc. And you can hit the Update button and the content will be available immediately.”


“There’s one more thing I’d like to mention,” he adds, “As with everything you need to make sure people know about your activities.


If you are playing in a club and you don’t tell anybody that you are playing, then you won’t get any visitors. You need to let people know you are playing, or you need to let people know you have an app.  You have to put some marketing effort into it.”


Siebrand will be demonstrating how they made Armin Van Buuren’s app, and how easy it is for individuals to make their own apps, at ADE’s Dylan Hotel- D2 Panel room, from 11:45 – 12:30 on Thursday October 17. His 30 minute presentation will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A moderated by Jonty Skrufff.






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