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Simon Napier-Bell on Reaching His 100% Crowd-funding- I Wouldn’t Recommend It.







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This week Simon Napier-Bell reached 100% of his target for his crowd-funding campaign for new history-of-the-music-business book Ta-ra-ra-boom-se-ay.


Chatting to Skrufff, however, the one time manager of Wham, Marc Bolan, Japan and the Yardbirds (plus a whole host of equally seminal pop stars) admitted he’d think twice before doing the project again.


“Even though I never doubted it would get there, it’ a relief to have it 100% pledged. I don’t like being involved with things I’m not able to control, and asking for people to buy advance copies of the book, then hoping they will, has been tiring, so I’m well pleased to have it over and done with,” he admitted.


Even so, through having to do Facebook, I’ve met a whole lot of new people I’ve really got to like, and made new contact with a lot of old friends, so there have been benefits from it other than just getting the book’s publication funded.


That said, I don’t think I’d go through it again. And I don’t think I’d recommend crowd-funding whole-heartedly to new artists. It can be tough, and confidence sapping.


I’m a hardened old sixties manager – I can brash things out and know how to hard sell. But quite a lot of young talented artists who might otherwise be making really good music might get drained by the whole process and give up.


Nevertheless, one of the prime benefits of it for musicians would be not being behest to a record company’s whims or an A&R person’s ego. The music can be as the artist wants if to be. Though having said that, sometimes the commercial input from the record company (or A&R man) is valid, and can even be the key to making a new artist a success. So again – upsides and downsides to getting the money from outside the record industry process.



As for my book. Nothing about the process has influenced it at all. Mistakenly, a lot of people reading the pieces I wrote on Facebook and for the Skrufff Report presumed that they were excerpts from the book. They aren’t. They’re just bits and pieces I thought people would enjoy, thus making them a captive audience and perhaps potential book buyers.


At least half of all the pieces on Facebook where from the three books I’ve already had published (all available from Amazon), and the other half were anecdotes that had never fitted into those books. The new book is exactly what it says it is and not about me one jot – A History of The Business of Popular Music.


Of course it contains sleaze and gossip and outrageous stories, but basically it’s a run through of 300 years of how the music business came into being and developed into what it is today. All of which anyone interested in the music business as it now is, should know about.


So order it now! If you do – you’ll get your name printed in the book as one of its initial supporters . . .”


Click here to order Simon’s new book.









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