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Cannabis Coffee Shop Proposed for Berlin




Local politicians in Kreuzberg have voted ‘overwhelmingly in favour of an application for a pilot project’ to set up an Amsterdam-style coffee shop in Gorlizter Park to tackle the problem of the scores of dealers who currently sell pot in the rundown though popular alternative park.


Green party leader Monika Herrmann told Berliner Zeitung she hopes the scheme will improve safety in the park and surrounding areas where gangs of usually African refugees congregate and offer weed to passers-by. ( )


Chatting to expat newspaper ExBerliner earlier, Ms Hermann pointed out that repeated police crackdowns have failed to make an impact and also advised buyers to refrain from purchasing from the park’s street dealers ‘because it’s very thinned-down by putting stuff in it, in order to increase profits.’


She also downplayed expected opposition from more conservative politicians to the scheme and sounded optimistic that a legal shop will soon open.


“Hamburg is discussing the same thing in the Schanzenviertel and we’re going to get other cities on board,” she said, “We’re not alone.” (EXBerliner; )











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