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Detroit the ‘Much More Dangerous’ New Berlin?

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Love Parade co-founder Danielle de Picciotto complained that Berlin is ‘no longer a city of outsiders’ in an interview with German news portal Deutsche Wella this week and said fashion following trendy tourists have turned it too normal.


Admitting she’d felt like that since 1995, the American author of Berlin memoir The Beauty Of Transgression also conceded, however, that she was struggling to find anywhere ‘as inspiring’ during a recent three year quest including extended trips to Detroit and New York.


“New York is kind of interesting at the moment, but it’s so incredibly expensive,” she pointed out.


“The only thing that’s comparable is Detroit. But Detroit is so incredibly dangerous, it’s like New York was in the 1980s, only 10 times worse,” she added.


Berlin’s status as a magnet for masses of clubbers was confirmed by Berlin’s official tourism agency in September who noted that a third of the city’s 11 million tourists come specifically for underground , though highly organised clubbing experiences, bringing in EUR1 billion each year.


“Berlin manages to sell its theme park of clubs, discos and lounges as a kind of anti-Disneyland,” Der Spiegel writer Thomas Hüetlin suggested in a recent assessment of the city’s nightlife scene today.















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