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Goldie Discovers Lost Tribes

Goldie Lost Tribes- click for more


Drum n’ bass icon Goldie is presenting a fresh collection of 20 paintings in London next week at Mayfair art gallery Mead Carney under the theme Lost Tribes.


The paintings, which are on wood in hand made frames, sculpture and work on paper, were inspired by a ‘spiritual trip to Thailand’, the exhibition’s literature explains and ‘deftly combine visually seductive imagery with probing explorations of the fundamental human connection and artistic expression of the ancient tribes of Africa, Asia and America.’


Researching Native Americans at the British Library, specifically the photographs of photographer Curtis, he described being struck by how sad the individuals looked as they were photographed ‘literally exchanging land for whisky’ to European invaders and colonisers.


“From a spiritual perspective I feel connected to these tribes,” said Goldie, “in the sense of how it’s gone down over the centuries.”


“The undertones of the show are that a lot of youths of today are lost tribes,” he added. “Isn’t that history repeating itself?”


Chatting to Skrufff in 2007 about his exhibition of the time Love Over Gold (which featured 27 of Goldie’s paintings of semi-naked women in erotic poses inspired by prostitutes’ calling cards in London phone boxes’ he was similarly philosophical about his need to express himself through painting as much as music.


“I don’t know how to explain what I do, I’ve had the same experience with music over the last 20 years. When I put a paint brush down I don’t stop painting and when I leave a studio I don’t stop making music in my head,” he said.


“As far as I’m concerned I’m an artist whether I like it or not. I actually don’t like being an artist but the bottom line is I have no fucking choice. If I could switch the power off sometimes I would but I can’t. I’ve managed to do things with my art and I’m very happy about that but it is a torment as well.”


Lost Tribes takes place on Thursday November 14 to Sunday November 24 at Mead Carney  (45 Mead St, W1)













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