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Moby Mocks Thom Yorke’s Spotify Stance

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Moby chatted about his decision to release every single musical part (stem) from his brand new album Innocents as a free BitTorrent Bundle this week and in an interview with Mashable ridiculed Thom Yorke’s recent tirade against streaming.


Chatting to Mexican website Sopitas in October the Radiohead front-man attacked Spotify for ‘trying to become gatekeepers’, declaring ‘to me this (streaming) isn’t the mainstream, this is like the last fart, the last desperate fart of a dying corpse.’ (Guardian)


Speaking this week, Moby sounded deeply unimpressed.


“Artists who are adaptable are doing fine. A musician who makes records, tours, DJs, remixes, does music for video games and films is doing fine,” he said.


“I love Thom Yorke, but when I heard him complaining about Spotify, I’m like, “You’re just like an old guy yelling at fast trains.” (Mashable)


Speaking on bittorrent’s blog about his giveaway earlier, Moby emphasized his love of the ‘democratic anarchy’ he believes the online world offers.


“One of the things that I love about the digital present (as opposed to the digital future) is the way in which people can bypass the old and arbitrary gate-keepers,” he said.


“I’m personally a huge fan of the back and forth dialectic that’s possible with things like bittorrent, when information is shared and modified and the lines between, creator and audience are ultimately blurred.” (Bittorrent)





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