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Blamma! Blamma!’s Belated Return (Interview)





Though he’s well known in the nightlife industry for his long running role editing the world’s most famous dance music magazine Mixmag, Nick Decosemo started out making music with uber-hip pop-tech-house types Freeform Five before forming equally acclaimed electro-tech duo Blamma! Blamma! in 2007.


Scoring an immediately massive club hit with ‘ Carry Me Home’ , Blamma! Blamma!’s future looked more than assured though as Nick’s media career simultaneously soared, the band suddenly stuttered though sadly for tragic reasons rather than a loss of focus.


“Blamma! Blamma! is a project I’ve worked on and off for a long time, over six years, “ he says. “I stopped for a while after the friend I started the group with, Martin Cole, unexpectedly died from cancer back in 2009. As you can imagine, that was quite tough.” 


“Then after a while I met a new production partner, Finn, and I was really inspired by him so decided to start again. We’ve released stuff on and off for a number of years now but it has been quite hard to keep up the consistency as I’m so busy with my ‘day’ job.”


With his ‘day job’ seeing him successfully oversee Mixmag’s reincarnation from declining print magazine to globally influential (and fast-growing) digital powerhouse, he’s busier than ever, though determined this time round to give Blamma! Blamma!’ his undivided attention, in particular their new single Zsa Zsa.


Describing the song as ‘a chic hedonist’s anthem and a tribute to Zsa Zsa Gabor in her crazy prime- Hence the chorus ‘let’s lose it like Zsa Zsa’,” he’s more than a little excited about the tune after spending a couple of years fleshing out the concept.


“The original idea was written by singer/ song-writer Ed Harcourt (who’s a good friend and former next-door neighbour) and an amazing American singer he was working with, Kristina Train,” Nick reveals.


“It had a cocaine-disco, Fleetwood Mac kinda’ feel to it and as soon as I heard it I was hooked and thought it could make an amazing dance-floor tune. I begged Ed to let Blamma! Blamma! work on it  and we did – for two years! Then eventually we got there.”


“As soon as we wrote Zsa Zsa we thought it has real potential, so this time round we’ve stockpiled a set of releases and remixes so that we will have a steady stream of quality stuff coming out through 2014,” he enthuses.


The song comes accompanied by with a video (made in conjunction with Mixmag Fashion of course) with a kitchen sink drama theme, a narrative he’s happy to expand on.


“The dishwasher was broken in the video. The guy who comes to visit the girl is the repairman. Her flat is also incredibly hot for some reason. You can guess what happens next,” he says.


So how big is he on housework generally?


For a northerner, I’m pretty damned metrosexual,” he quips (he grew up close to Newcastle in one of the Northern England city’s bleakest – and toughest – areas).


“I’m not averse to housework,” he continues, “but like with most things, I prefer to pay somebody else to do it.”  So is that why they’ve hired actors for the video?


“I’m old and ugly. They are young and pretty,” he quips. “Go figure.”


Blamma! Blamma! Zsa Zsa is out now on Eskimo Recordings.


Listen to Zsa Zsa:






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