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David Cameron Contemporary Endorses Ecstasy





Influential right wing British polemicist James Delingpole ridiculed media outrage over celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s recent cocaine confession, this week pointing out the hypocrisy of his many high profile newspaper colleagues who continue to use coke whilst admitting that he remains an ambivalent if occasional enthusiastic user personally.


Writing in political magazine the Spectator, the DJ Shadow/ Margaret Thatcher loving libertarian was a lot more enthusiastic about ecstasy, however.


“Suppose, say, you’re at a late-night party and there’s a quality DJ laying down some decent dance anthems,” said Delingpole, “It would seem to me quite, quite wrong — rude, even — not to enhance the occasion with a dab of MDMA,” he suggested. (Spectator)


His assessment coincided with revelations of Mike Tyson’s drug experiences,

which revealed that the boxer’s management were so concerned about his ecstasy use at one point that they ordered his dealer ‘Chance’ to supply him with ‘a Scarface quantity of coke’.


“Because ‘all he did was sissy drugs like ecstasy’,” The Guardian’s review of Undisputed Truth: My Autobiography by Mike Tyson’ revealed.


James Delingpole writing on the War on Drugs [in 2010]: “ . . . Like the time once where I bought what I thought was E but was in fact ketamine so that instead of dancing my tits off I found myself pinned to a chair for four hours, un-able to move, imagining I was at a czarist ball in Moscow just before the revolution . . .













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