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Scan X Sheds Light on Laurent Garnier’s Soap Allergy


Laurent Garnier producer Scan X (aka Stephan Dri) chatted to Skrufff this week about his new single Sensorium and also revealed some startling insights into the traditional life he and Laurent now lead in the rural heartland of Southern France.


Moving to the South from Paris in 2008, Stephan pointed out ‘the quality of life is better- and even if it’s 500miles from Paris . . . it’s 2 hours 40minutes by train’ and confirmed that the notoriously French duo have made an effort to fit in, with immediate results.


“I don’t have any striped blue shirts at home yet but from what I heard wearing one gives you free entrance in many places in the south, Laurent has a few,’ he revealed.


“And dangling strings of onions around your neck while riding a bicycle, which we often do together, means that you won’t be in trouble if you cross the police even if you did something wrong on the road. Living in an area like this really helps your creativity.”


Chatting to Skrufff two years ago Laurent sounded less comfortable being confronted by French stereotypes, yelling ‘Fuck Off’ when quizzed about whether French people lived up to the cliché of often being rude. He also admitted being furious about his many non-French friends who would repeatedly buy him soap and perfume every Xmas.


“It is a big problem because they still hope that we will get better with our hygiene with a new bar of soap,” Laurent sniffed, “bloody nonsense, if you ask me.”


Two years on, Stephane shed new light on Laurent’s soap-dodging dilemma.


“I don’t know if he still actively avoiding or is genuinely scared of soap anymore but you know in the south we’re living near Marseilles and in Marseilles they actually manufacture bars of soap,” he explained.


Laurent and I come from Paris where if someone does actually use soap they woudld choose liquid soap, no bars, it’s a major cultural marker. That’s why it took so long for us both to be accepted by people living in the South,” he said.


On a musical note he highlighted the pair’s latest production ‘Everyday life’ )and chatted more about Sensorium a decidedly more progressive, trance tinged track than his usually tougher techno fare.,


“I never know in advance when I start to make a new track what it will sound like at the end of the process: I really like to surprise myself and not to be trapped in a ‘comfort zone’.”


“So even if I have an idea before switching on the machine, when I switch off it can be something totally different. Which means I can make an ambient track one day and strong techno the next.”


Scan X- the Sensorium EP is out now on Herzblut Recordings ( )



Jonty Skrufff:

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