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Todd Terry on EDM- I Play Popular House Music (Interview)





As one of America’s first superstar DJs of the late 80s, Todd Terry was once known as God and 27 years on he remains Biblically influential, as evidenced by his upcoming New Year’s Eve headline slot at Manchester’s specially converted chapel, the Albert Hall.


Chatting to Skrufff this week (via email) about both his arms-length relationship with EDM as well as his old friends from the New York gang-infested neighbourhood he grew up in during the 80s,  the usually chatty definitive superstar DJ was uncharacteristically brief.



Skrufff: (Jonty Skrufff): Starting with the Manchester NY gig: how much does playing on NYE differ from other nights; how much do you plan to play more commercial/ accessible to cater to the crowd?


Todd Terry: “You always wanna’ please the crowd that night no matter what, If its a different crowd then playing songs they remember that’s ok with me  I like that shittt


Skrufff: Frankie Knuckles famously hates DJ requests: how about you? How often do you still get them? (Ever been asked to ‘play some EDM?” or Swedish House Mafia?


Todd Terry: “I get asked for request sometimes, but I can’t play EDM songs its not gonna’ fit the style I play. Good luck to the DJ that could make the request work.”


Skrufff: How much has the rise of EDM been a game changer for you?


Todd Terry: “It’s good for me because people will soon know what’s real house music and what’s EDM.  I’m not a EDM DJ so when I play I’m a breath of fresh air.”


Skrufff: What do you think of the music: how much pressure/ temptation is there for you to go commercial / to play more popular stuff you don’t necessarily like to get bigger gigs?


Todd Terry: “It’s not about bigger gigs, sometimes it’s better to stick to your guns in the long run. I play popular house music, I don’t have to sound like them to have a hit: just let them do their thing and I’ll do mine.”


Skrufff: How much do you keep in touch with the old Brooklyn neighbourhood? What happened to your old gang friends?


Todd Terry: “I hang with few of my friends from back in the days, it’s all good, I just haven’t been around much, I’ve been very busy over the last 27 years.”


Skrufff: Anything else to add?


Todd Terry: “Some new albums for 2014 should be good. Todd Terry vs Hip Hop part 2  Freestyle Forever part 2  and a lot of acid house singles.  Werrd!”


Todd Terry spins alongside US peers Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson plus a UK contingent including Graeme Park, Herbie Saccani, Allister Whitehead and 808 State Djs at Albert Hall Manchester on December 31st: click here for further details. www.fac51theHaç











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