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UK People Ugly- Official

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Elite dating website revealed this week that ‘the least attractive country in the world is the United Kingdom’ after analysing the nationalities of applicants rejected by the ‘stunning men and women’ already signed up to the site.


Singles wishing to join the free ‘online dating for beautiful people only’ portal have to upload an up-to-date ‘no sunglasses’ photo for the application process which BP’s 750,000 members worldwide then vote on to accept or reject.


“Britons in general are among the least successful applicants to the site,” a BP spokesperson told the Independent this week, “with less than 10 per cent gaining access to the exclusive community.” ( )


BP’s revelations emerged just as metrosexual champion Mark Simpson (who invented the term) said that caring about how they look is now an ‘integral component of modern masculinity’ for modern British men who’ve now comprehensively tapped into the ‘male desire to be desired’.


Daily Telegraph writer Caroline Kent (who interviewed Simpson) was ambivalent, suggesting fashion conscious men might simply be dressing up more in an effort to get laid, a view she said was shared by ‘a female friend’


“Toxic bachelors have learnt to adopt metrosexual traits in order to seem the likeable, befriendable type,” the ‘friend’ suggested, “but they actually just want a shag.”















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