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UK Rave Cops Mobilise To Keep Clubbers Out of the Countryside





Devon and Cornwall Police announced this week that they’re using teams of ‘spotters’ and automatic number-plate recognition technology in their latest clampdown against free parties, with riot police also on standby throughout the holiday break to smash any events they fail to detect early.


“Devon and Cornwall Police do wish you [ravers] a very merry Christmas and a happy new year,” said Chief Inspector Brendan Brookshaw in a statement delivered via the BBC.


“We don’t want you in a wood, or field where you could be sold drugs, or left in a vulnerable position, that’s what we’re trying to prevent,” he claimed. ( )


His comments coincided with the publication of a report on Britain’s legal ‘night economy’ by the New York Times, which described a typical night out in suburban Britain involving ‘gloriously incoherent’ thugs fighting in the streets as well as an unusually lively house party brawl which led to one reveller being hospitalised ‘with his arm nearly amputated by a meat cleaver’.


Reporting on ‘just another Friday night in Northampton, where young Britons, often in packs, go out to get thoroughly, blindingly and often violently drunk’, the newspaper said many end up ‘making the city’s vagrants look sober.’


“Whether as entertainment or mating ritual, the spectacle of dressed-up youth wandering the early morning streets barely able to walk or talk has become an issue of growing social importance,” said the Times. “Because of both the violence that alcohol often engenders and the vulnerability of young women, who are sometimes molested or raped when they are in no condition to defend themselves.” ( )



















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