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Uruguay Legalises It

Cheech and Chong



Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalise cannabis this week after senators approved a bill allowing people to grow, sell and consume pot.


The bold move, which has been introduced to seize the trade from criminal drug gangs, will see the South American country’s entire supply chain properly legalized with individuals permitted to purchase up to 40grams of marijuana a month from pharmacies.


“Today is an historic day,” Sen. Constanza Moreira said in a statement, “Many countries of Latin America, and many governments, will take this law as an example,” he predicted. (Independent: )


The announcement provoked panic from drug warriors including the Pope and the UN, prompting top drug warrior Raymond Yans from the previously all-powerful International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) claiming the move is ‘illegal’.


Leading British newspaper columnist Owen Jones praised the ‘courageous Uruguayan government’ for their ‘pragmatic choice’ and accused prohibitionists of supporting crime.


“They are the best friends of the profiteering criminal gangs, who they would leave in monopoly control of drugs,” he said, “When will British politicians show the farsightedness and courage of Uruguay?” (Independent: )


“It’ll be like milk. The price of marijuana will be fixed right down the line, just like the government sets the price dairy farmers get for their milk and then sets prices all along the milk supply line right down to the price of a carton of milk at the supermarket.”








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