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London- the World’s Most Expensive City- Official





A massive new study comparing living costs in cities worldwide has placed London as the most expensive, because of high fuel and entertainment costs and in particular property prices.


Noting that average rents in London are now over £2,700 a month (3,300 EUROS) the site placed the British capital above Oslo (2), Geneva (3), Zurich (4) and New York (5) with Paris coming in at 8th and Amsterdam at 17.


Berlin was outside the top 20 altogether though a comparison between London and Berlin via the site’s online calculator reveals that the ‘cost of living in London (United Kingdom) is 83% more expensive than in Berlin (Germany)’.


London’s average rent is 153% higher than Berlin’s rate of EUR1068 per month ‘for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) furnished accommodation in EXPENSIVE area’ (their capitals) while entertainment is 78% more expensive in London.


Dinner out for two in Italian restaurant with wine and dessert is almost double in London (€84 to Berlin’s €43) while a ‘cocktail drink in a downtown club is €11 to



The reports findings struck a chord with the despairing tone taken by Vice Magazine this week, in their ‘10ways to make clubbing less shit in 2014’ which as well as urging clubbers to ‘stop staring at DJs’ and promoters to ‘book better residents’, complained that ‘many nights are overpriced, oversized and over-subscribed.


“Your garden-variety part-time promoter seems to be more interested in being Donald Trump than Tony Wilson and the spirit of philanthropy has given way to profiteering,” said Vice, “In 2014, fuck clubs and start throwing illegal raves again.” (Vice: )














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