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Metal Men’s Booze Blues





Infamously hardcore Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen said giving up alcohol has proved harder than heroin and crack cocaine in a posting on Facebook this week, in which he confirmed he’s checked himself into Rehab.


“Kicked dope (heroin) and crack by myself . . . but I need help on this one,” he confessed, “So all your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome . . .” (Facebook )


His admission came as Motorhead manager Todd Singerman admitted equally infamous party animal Lemmy is no longer ‘getting away with it’ after drinking and drugging daily since the 60s and developing ‘a really bad diabetic problem’.


Singermann told Classic Rock Magazine that though he’s now quit smoking and ‘slowed down on the speed’ Lemmy continues to drink whisky as well as massive quantities of wine.


“That was the compromise with the doctors, by the way — trade the Jack for the wine. But he doesn’t tell them he’s drinking two fucking bottles, either,” he said.


















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