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Barefoot Doctor on Class War (Greedy Rich vs Envious Poor) (Extended)

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Controversial Billionaire American venture capitalist Thomas Perkins compared poor people who complain about inequality to Nazis last week several years after boasting about a new luxury flat (in the Wall Street Journal) “I’m called the king of Silicon Valley, why can’t I have a penthouse?’


Skrufff asked Barefoot Doctor what he makes of the super-rich becoming scared of the masses . . .


Barefoot Doctor: “This is one of my favorite topics – I was sitting as a guest at a dinner on a yacht in Cannes harbour a while ago talking to a very fat, very rich, guy, inwardly marvelling how anyone so utterly uncouth and apparently unintelligent in a global sense could have ever amassed such an absurdly vast fortune.


I asked him if he ever grew afraid of the masses rising up and invading his adopted home of Monaco, figuratively (or even actually).


He snorted derisively at my evident naivety in asking such a daft question – ”Fuck ‘em”, he replied.


“But don’t you see how Monaco and its rich can only survive if the money’s flowing freely through society for everyone?”


I watched his mind contort as he attempted to gain a global perspective and then give up, “No, fuck ‘em”, he repeated. I concluded that was why this particular character was so rich – he simply didn’t give a damn – call it psychotic if you will – I certainly did as I drove away after with my friends.”


Skrufff: So is it OK to complain about inequality and injustice even if it alarms the elite?


Barefoot Doctor: “There’s rarely much I’d deign to judge about human behaviour, tending to mostly think of us all just as monkeys in a zoo cage hence I’m fully comprehending and accepting about most forms of human sociopathy, psychopathy, neurosis, psychosis and so on, however there are two traits I find particularly worth noting for correction.


One is flagrant, tasteless, insensitive, ostentatious display of wealth and status, and the other is envy displayed by those who haven’t got the wealth and status, disguised as righteous indignation on account of so-called inequality-referenced injustice.


Looking back through history it’s plain that revolutions to overturn the rich and powerful were invariably led (though with some rare exceptions) by just such envious people, who then naturally went on to indulge in even bigger excesses subsequently than those they’d just toppled.


Likewise, knowing the envious and hence destructive nature of others, had those blessed with the wealth not flaunted it so carelessly in the face of poverty-born suffering and so on, they’d have not incited such envy.


So both are really jointly responsible for helping maintain a status quo that suits the majority – on the one hand those with the wealth have an obligation to use a portion of it to help those around them, and to keep their good fortune discreet so it doesn’t incite envy.


While those without the wealth should look to themselves rather than blame others for their lack of satisfaction with life.


Envy is an ugly trait, especially when disguised as righteous indignation. Ostentation is an ugly trait especially when dressed up as pompousness and exclusivity.


Both, however, originate in existential insecurity. If you hang out with blamers you soon spot how they’re without any actual valid philosophical template governing their mental processes, they just blame, and it’s exactly the same with the ostentatious wealthy – they just spend money.


With more evolution both might eventually transcend this school playground level of parading as a substitute for genuine societal interaction.


So I’d say the complainers, whingers, moaners, and blamers are actually doing the ostentatious rich a favour in raising the alarm to start being a lot more discreet about their wealth or risk losing it all in some sort of sociopolitical revolution.


Likewise the ostentatious rich are perhaps showing the whinging blamers what might be possible if they manage to hit on some big idea or other – to show there’s always hope of making an epic out of your life story.


My subtext question to all this is why not learn to just love being alive whether you’re rich or not?


I spend a fair amount of time around superrich people and while they’re certainly more comfortable and so on, they’re not necessarily loving life any more than those without all that wealth, and usually far less.


Watch the faces on the deck of any super-yacht or of those boarding a private jet and it’s rare to spot a smile among them. Real satisfaction only derives from finding a method by which to maintain panoramic perspective, and hence keep things in proportion at all times – meditation, for example, is one such method.


Skrufff: And what about rich yacht owners only really wanting giant flat screen TVS? What conclusions does that suggest?


Barefoot Doctor: “This confirms the above, with no inner wisdom template governing your moment by moment experience life remains vapid and meaningless, and so even if you have a massive super-yacht you’ll still have to mollify your inner disquiet watching the same load of utter bullshit everyone else does – and on an even bigger screen (to make it even worse).”


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