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British Brewery Launches ‘Not For Gays’ Olympic Beer




Leftfield boutique distillers Brewdog have launched an ‘ironic’ super-strength new beer called ‘Hello My Name is Vladimir’ which is dedicated to Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his new anti-gay laws in Russia.


“I am a beer for uber hetero men who ride horses while topless and carrying knives. I am a beer to mark the 2014 Winter Olympics. But I am not for gays,” the promotional literature stresses.


“Love wrestling burly men on the Judo mat or fishing in your Speedos? Then this is the beer for you!” they promise. ( )


Speaking about the new beer (which is being marketed with a Andy Warhol style collage of Putin’s face on its label) Brewdog boss James Watt said he hopes Putin samples some, also because it ‘improves sexual performance’.


“As Hello My Name is Vladimir is clearly marked ‘not for gays’ we should bypass the legislation introduced by Putin outlawing supposed ‘homosexual propaganda’, so Vlad shouldn’t have an issue with it,” Mr Watt also predicted,


“He might even invite us to ride bareback with him in the Siberian mountains”. (The Scotsman: )


Striking a more sombre tone, he also revealed what inspired them to launch ‘Hello My Name is Vladimir’.


“The sick, twisted legislation brought about in Russia that prevents people from living their true lives is something we didn’t want to just sit back and not have an opinion on,” he explained.


“Our core beliefs are freedom of expression, freedom of speech and a dogged (no pun intended) passion for doing what we love.


Thus, we are donating 50% of the profits from this beer to charitable organisations that support like minded individuals wishing to express themselves freely without prejudice.”














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