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North Australian To Outlaw ‘Out-Of Control’ House Parties




Queensland authorities look set to introduce stiff fines and heavy prisoners for organisers of suburban ‘‘‘out-of-control’ private house parties, ‘defined as one involving 12 or more people, in which at least three are involved in unacceptable behaviours’, the Courier Mail reported this week: )


Chatting about the impending legislation, local police Commissioner Ian Stewart clarified that ‘unacceptable behaviours’ include brawling, littering and ‘making unreasonable noise’ and said party hosts could face up to three years in jail.


“I have had enough, police have had enough and the community has had enough of alcohol and drug fuelled violence stemming from suburban parties,” he added.


Details of the new laws emerged just over 6 years after Melbourne teenager Corey Delaney became an internet sensation after 30 cops and a police helicopter were mobilised to break up his ‘out of control’ party attended by 50- young people invited via Myspace.


Speaking after the event on Australian news show  “A Current Affair’ the photogenic blonde teen wore distinctive yellow sunglasses and smiled when host Leila McKinnon ordered him to ‘take off those glasses and apologise to everyone you’ve frightened’ in a brilliantly miscalculated move to tell him off.


Corey’s masterstroke, however, came at the end of the 3 minute interview as McKinnon demanded “What would you say to other kids who are thinking of partying while their parents are out of town?”


“Get me to do it for you,” he replied, “Best party ever.”


Asked by another TV channel in a follow up interview how the party started he laughed ‘I can’t remember, I was off my head,” prompting Daily Telegraph columnist Andrew Ramadge to dub him a ‘genius’.


“Corey Delaney’s talent for showing up interviewers trying to trade on his vilification, while still looking like an extra from Clueless, has made him a pin-up for a generation of young Australians suspicious of the media and clued-in to the ways of modern marketing,” he enthused.


“In the past week, this seemingly brain-dead 16-year-old has left seasoned media personalities looking like bigger twits than himself by refusing to flinch during on-screen interrogations and out-manoeuvring the questions of interviewers.”


Signing up with local celebrity Max Markson he next appeared on Australia’s Big Brother before vanishing into media obscurity apart from a brief return to the spotlight in 2011 wen he was fined $500 for criminal damage after smashing up a former friend’s car.













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