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Marc Romboy- Tracks of My Time (interview)




Skrufff have recently introduced a Q&A series asking a bunch of select DJs and friends what their favourite, not so favourite- and life-defining –  tracks are. This week, German tech star Marc Romboy (who has just released his highly recommended new artist album Shades shares his secrets . . .



Skrufff:  Your all-time favourite club track? (why?)


Marc Romboy: “It’s extremely hard to answer this question but I would always say ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order. Joy Division had already influenced me bigtime but when this best selling 12″ of all time came out it simply blew me away. I teased my Mum with testing my subwoofers and was simply fascinated by this punchy groove and couldn´t explain it.


Much later on I found out that they were inspired by MBO´s ‘Dirty Talk’ and used the drum computer Oberheim DMX. I just used it, too. And also the prommer, an old school machine which assigns self chosen sounds on an eeprom so that you could create your groove yourself. Nothing spectacular nowadays but revolutionary back in the day.”


Skrufff:  The track you’ve finished a set with the most often?


Marc Romboy: “Without question, this is the synthapella of “Phobos” I produced with my mate Stephan Bodzin. Just today I have seen on Twitter that Jackmaster played it during his Essential Mix. You must know that it´s a track without any drums and percussion [smirks].”


Skrufff:  The track you cleared the floor with?


Marc Romboy: “Well, sometimes I just like to create some accents and moods in my seta and sometimes it’s probably a bit too shocking. I remember once playing Bauhaus´ ‘Bela Logusi´s Dead’, which was maybe a bit too off-beat for that particular club night.”


Skrufff:  The track you rescued a floor with?


Marc Romboy: “I can always count on ‘Freakin´’, my very first twelve with Blake Baxter. It always works, always!”


Skrufff:  The cheesiest/ guiltiest secret track you love? (and why you love it and what it means to you?)


Marc Romboy: “DJ Antione’s St. Tropez and do you know why? It´s the current fav song of my daughter Luna [winks].”


Skrufff: The track that you loved that everyone hated?


Marc Romboy: “Easy question. Any kind of acid house track in 1987 I loved and everybody in my class at the time was like ‘What the hell is this? Music?’ Everybody else hated acid house then.”


Skrufff: The track that everyone else loved that you hated?


Marc Romboy: “Oh my God, it´s ‘Come on Eileen’ by Dexy´s Midnight Runners! Actually a genius song but for some reasons I cannot really explain I cannot stand it. The producers of this song must forgive me.”


Skrufff: Anything you’d like plugging (releases/ upcoming gigs/ radio shows etc?


Marc Romboy: “Feel free to download my radio show and podcast “Systematic Session” on Soundcloud or iTunes. Every week a new episode with guest DJs, co-resident Namito and myself. Ah, and of course my recent album “Shades”, promooooooooooooooooo…”


Marc Romboy’s new album Shades is out now on Systematic Records. 




















Jonty Skrufff:


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