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Brillstein: Tracks of My Time (interview)



Mike Brillstein aka Thee Mike B, has been around the LA club scene since the late 90s and more recently has teamed up with Jesse Rose to release on the Brit expat’s esteemed underground house label Play It Down.



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): Your all-time favourite club track?


Brillstein: “Definitely Tones On Tail’s ‘Go!’ it has little bits of all that is awesome about so many different kinds of music.”


Skrufff: The track you’ve finished a set with the most often?


Brillstein: “Depends where. There’s different enders for different occasions. If I wanna’ leave, I’ve been known to play Kenny B’s Baltimore classic ‘Get Da Fuk Out’ or, if we’re really in the vibe, Pepe Bradock’s  ‘Deep Burnt’. But I think my favourite closer is Chuck Mangione’s ‘Cannonball Run Theme.’


Skrufff: The track you cleared the floor with (what happened when?)


Brillstein: “Chuck Mangione’s ‘Cannonball Run Theme’ . . . Ain’t nobody tryna hear that.”


Skrufff: The track you rescued a floor with?


Brillstein: “Metro Area’s Miura, Never fails. That song is perfection. Or Daft Punk “Revolution 909.” Many times actually both at the same time.”


Skrufff: The cheesiest/ guiltiest secret track you love?


Brillstein: “Hands down Faithless “Insomnia” … Maxi Jazz absolutely murders that verse and the way that song is built is incredible. I love that song and don’t care who knows it.”


Skrufff: The track that you loved that everyone hated?


Brillstein: “Well it’s hard to keep track of what everyone hates but I definitely got funny looks for loving Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” … I’m starting to feel like this interview was designed to make me look bad!”


Skrufff: Anything you’d like plugging?


Brillstein: “My first release as Brillstein, entitled “Back To Bed”, is dropping April 29th on Play It Down. It will be available digitally and on vinyl with original artwork by the legendary Todd James. Funky House flavor for that ass.”
























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