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‘‘Cool London’ Killed By ‘Braying Bankers’& Euro-Riche’




Daily Telegraph columnist Alex Proud blamed ‘braying, pink-shirted bankers’ and riff-raff hating rich people for ruining London’s nightlife this week, accusing them of driving out the city’s cool creative classes by driving up already sky-high property prices.


“You only have to visit any nightclub in Mayfair to see the Swiss-educated Euro-riche idea of cool,” he suggested.


“It’s a bit like Jay-Z as reimagined by someone who works at Goldman Sachs.” (Telegraph: )


The article appeared just as banker newspaper of choice the Financial Times published an unusually euphoric report on the investment potential of Berlin which singled out the city’s ‘ecosystem of nightspots, DJs and music tech businesses’ and techno as key factors driving successful businesses.


“We sometimes use the description ‘punk meets tech’ to describe the general outlook here of ‘going your own way’ that is still present in the city today,” Soundcloud cofounder Eric Wahlforss told the FT.


“It’s a big part of what makes Berlin distinct from other start-up communities – a centralised hub of creativity with a strong intersection where technology meets the arts,” he added. (FT: )


High-flying financiers fancying ruining Berlin’s clubland may find it harder, however, judging by comments made by Berghain resident Tobias Freund this week in an interview with Ibiza-Voice.


“What I see from Berghain and Panorama Bar is that after ten years it is still in a good shape. It still has a fantastic programme and the people who work there are as enthusiastic as ever,” said Tobias, when quizzed about the dangers of the city ‘becoming over-run with American expats’ and gentrified.


“I guess more people coming to Berlin doesn’t affect the scene, since they will either adapt to [the city] or leave,” he suggested.


Tobias’ new album A Series Of Shocks is out soon.









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