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Derrick Carter Campaigns Against EDM





Underground house hero Derrick Carter launched a light-hearted campaign against EDM this week, calling for a Disco Sucks-style anti EDM uprising.


“Is there possibly a way to do the same thing to EDM that they did to disco?” the uber-credible Chicago star demanded on Facebook.


“I mean, I would more than happily organize a rally in Wicker Park to demolish the hell out of some Aforjack & Avicii CDs,” he promised.


The disco sucks campaign was led by 70s radio DJ Steve Dahl who in 1979 set up and hosted the Disco Demolition Night at a baseball game in America.


The promotional gimmick, which offered cheap admission to the baseball game for fans who paid $0.98 and brought a disco record to be blown up attracted tens of thousands more people than usual, who promptly rioted when Dahl blew up over 20,000 donated records in the middle of the stadium.


Chatting about the Disco Sucks campaign beforehand, Dahl was viciously honest about his populist motivations.


“Disco music is a disease, I call it ‘disco dystrophy’,” he told listeners.


“The people victimized by this killer disease walk around like zombies,” he continued, “We must do everything possible to stop the spread of this plague.” (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life).


70s disco legend Cerrone chatted to Skrufff in  an interview in 2009 about the Disco Sucks backlash and said it had minimal impact on his then massive record sales and public profile.


“I have never been considered as part of the “Disco Sucks” backlash since it was targeting primarily dull pop song productions arranged in a disco way, for clear commercial reasons,” said Cerrone.


“Disco music was about far more than that tiny part of dance music of the era, it was about a real philosophy and way of life alongside the music. In comparison to that, those third hand copy-cat copies of disco that were made back then could only suck.”











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