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NSA Capable of ‘Rounding Up Gays Into Concentration Camps’





NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned this week that the US spying organization has the infrastructure in place to implement ‘nightmare scenarios ‘ such as ‘the active compilation of a list of homosexuals “to round them up and send them into camps”. (Guardian: )


Speaking from Russia via video to a meeting of the Council of Europe, the exiled privacy campaigner warned that programs such as the NSA’s XKeyscore ‘represents the most significant new threat to civil liberties in modern times’ and warned that ‘anyone using non-encrypted communications might be targeted on the basis of their “religious beliefs, sexual or political affiliations’.


Though Snowden said he doesn’t believe the NSA is currently creating such databases, US blogger Bob Lefsetz coincidentally sounded the alarm about the implications of losing privacy in a posting this week in which he pointed out that people’s entire internet search histories are now effectively being permanently stored and could in the future be easily analyzed by corporations and hostile institutions.


“IBM helped the Nazis. Hitler invaded Poland and how did he find the Jews? Via IBM’s subsidiary there!” he pointed out.


“Countries hired IBM to do the census. So when the Nazis invaded, they just combed through the data and saw . . .” (Gulltagen) (The Guardian: IBM ‘dealt directly with Holocaust organisers’: Newly discovered documents from Hitler’s Germany prove that the computer company IBM directly supplied the Nazis with technology which was used to help transport millions of people to their deaths in the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka . . .’)












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