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UK Rave Cops Set Twitter Trap




Bedfordshire Police tried to trick ravers into snitching on their own events this week, by publishing a ‘spoof’ message on Twitter.


“Let us help you promote your rave – Ring 101 and tell us the location and we’ll be sure to bring the lights & noise!” the Tweet promised, “#HavingItLarge”.


Local newspaper Bedfordshire News said the local force has so far successfully broken up six free parties this year, though a Police PR spokeswoman insisted their latest deception is ‘not about stopping people having a good time”.


“The spoof tweet we circulated last week was re-tweeted over 400 times, which is one of our most popular ever,” she boasted, “so hopefully that’s getting the message out there to all sorts of audiences.”


Local ravers picking up on the Tweet, however, seemed unimpressed.


“Maybe you should focus on stopping real crime, like police battery, that way, you’ll actually be doing some good for society,” NAV suggested.


“But will you bring the gear (drugs) lads?” JD taunted.


The underhand police tactic was revealed soon after free party fan Christian Morrison launched a petition calling for raves to be legalised which attracted over 28,000 supporters within days,


“We believe it would be in the interest of all involved to allow the control and regulation of said gatherings (raves) rather than merely confiscating thousands of pounds worth of equipment and falsely persecuting a majority of those involved. It would make such events considerably safer which, after 3 stabbings in the last 2 months, is becoming more and more necessary,” Mr Morrison pointed out in the petition’s address targeted at Home Secretary Theresa May.


His petition also challenged new proposed laws which will ‘mean that any police officer who finds the mere presence of somebody ‘annoying’, he or she has the right to arrest them’.


“All we ask is that these new laws be abolished, the people who attend or set up free parties are no longer prosecuted for doing so and that equipment can no longer be confiscated under the anti-social behaviour act.


“There is nothing anti-social about a niche group of people coming together in a controlled environment trying enjoy themselves listening to music that a majority of clubs and bars will simply not allow to be played, despite attempts made by both myself and many other to allow for the same free party atmosphere, to be transferred into a legitimate setting,” he said.



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