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‘World is Fukt’ Next Week?





Leading Australian newspaper the  Financial Review declared the ‘World Is Fukt’ on a frontpage edition published throughout Western Australia this week, before apologising soon afterwards that the subheading was included ‘because of a simple  (sub-editing) error.


The not so subliminal message came just as leading TV evangelist Pat Robertson warned that the world could be struck by a Doomsday-heralding comet as soon as next week, in the latest edition of his show ‘the 700 Club’.


“I don’t see anything else that fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike. There isn’t anything that will cause the seas to roil, that will cause the skies to darken, the moon and the sun not to give their light, the nations terrified on Earth saying ‘what’s happening?’” Pastor Robertson told viewers.


“It could be next week, or it could be a 1,000 years from now, but nevertheless we want to be ready at whatever time the Lord says ‘I’m wrapping it up, it’s time to come home,” he advised.


Robertson previously suggested ‘earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor’ could be caused by the ‘sins’ of gay people, in a speech in which he suggested the hurricane which destroyed New Orleans (Katrina) in 2005 was a divine response to ‘Gay Days’ at Disney World.


“God set up a world in which certain currents interfere and interact with other currents,” he explained at the time. “If enough people were praying, He would intervene. You could pray. Jesus stilled the storm. You could still storms.” (New York Daily News: )







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