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New York Clubland’s Camera Killers




Alternative 90s nightlife celebrity James St. James painted a devastating picture of today’s New York club scene this week, in an open letter published to his newly-released-from-jail erstwhile Club Kid compadre Michael Alig.


”You aren’t going to believe this one: Clubs play top 40 now. Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry. That’s it. It’s very sad,” said St James.


“The scene has changed,” he continued. “Clubs aren’t the subversive pleasure palaces of yore. Now, it’s just a thousand shrieking girls taking selfies and dancing to “Wake Me Up” by Aviccii. 95% of your time in any given club will be spent having your picture taken. Seriously. It’s. All. You. Do. Picture after picture after picture. Smile. Snap. Smile. Snap.”


Veteran nightlife commentator Michael Musto also suggested the Party Monster murderer might find New York’s ‘nightlife still a little too restrained when you reenter it’ in another open letter published in Scene Mag, though said Alig ‘mainly have yourself to blame!’


“You not only killed Angel, you basically murdered nightlife because, as Mayor Giuliani kept looking for ways to crack down on clubs so they became safe for tourists and community boards, you gave him every reason to put further restraints and make going out an exercise in constantly looking back to see who’s watching your every move,” said Musto. ( )


Both letters appeared just weeks after British newspaper the Guardian suggested out New York’s post-hipster movement ‘Normcore’ might be the ‘next big fashion movement’ in a lengthy article which declared ‘normal is the new cool’.


“Blending in is the new standing out,” the Guardian added.


“Welcome to Normcore, where dressing like a tourist is the ultimate fashion statement.”











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