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Thailand Night-Life Closed by Coup Curfew

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Streets and bars in Full Moon Party island Koh Panghan were left deserted this week as Thailand’s army imposed a strict nationwide curfew from 10pm to 5am after deposing the Bangkok government.


Amnesia Club Koh Phangan posted a series of eerie pictures on Facebook showing the first  ‘totally quiet’ curfew night on Haad Rub beach (May 22).


“Everything closed, even 7/11′s with minimal lights only. Completely empty streets . . .  Unreal,” they added.


Several days later, conflicting reports appeared on Tripadvisor debating whether the next Full Moon Party (FMP), scheduled for June 12, will actually take place.


“All my Thai friends say, FMP is still going to happen. You can not be sure of course but Guys Bar was open on Friday and Eden was open as well yesterday I think,” one commentator wrote on Saturday (2 days into the curfew).


“Just the taxi boats stopped going after 10pm. Right now shops, restaurants and bars all close before 10. Even 7-11,” they added.


Another tripadvisor contributor disagreed, however.


“The curfew on Koh Phangan is very much in effect. Guy’s Bar and Eden are very remote, but the rest of the island is quiet by 10pm,” they said.


“Considering that the FMP is not on a remote part of the island and the fact that the taxis and boats will not be running between 10pm-5am not sure if it will be going on.” ( ) (‘On 22 May the Chief of the Royal Thai Army announced that the military had taken control of government. We recommend that you exercise extreme caution and remain alert to the situation. If you’re in any doubt about your safety, stay in your accommodation . . .’)















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