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Barefoot Doctor Bit; on Britain’s Boarding School Bully Leaders


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Leading Brit psychotherapist Nick Dufell published a new book Wounded Leaders last week in which he suggested many top politicians and business leaders are perpetuating highly dysfunctional cultures based on ‘elitism, bullying and misogyny’ because they were sent away to Boarding school as kids. Barefoot Doc is not so sure . . .



Barefoot Doctor: “There’s an innate and inevitable shape to power structures – a pyramidal one – in the UK for instance, it’s possibly the most archaic governmental system in the modern world.


It dates back at least to the days of the feudal system brought over by Normans – God at the top, then the king, the dukes, the lords, the sheriffs, and the surfs in a heap at the bottom – and it doesn’t matter which party is in power, nor how you dress it all up to look democratic or egalitarian, this will continue to be the case until the whole power-structure paradigm shifts altogether.


The people at the top of the pile will inevitably be out of touch with, and not really give a shit about, the realities of life for the common man (or woman).


As for boarding school adversely affecting children’s emotional intelligence with consequent dysfunction in adult relationships of any kind, aside from Steiner or similarly enlightened educational systems, schooling of every kind is liable to do that. Why? Because boarding or not, the very basis of the educational system is still Neanderthal and many teachers, even if they didn’t have all their teaching time wasted doing admin, manage to qualify with a huge deficit of life-skills, genuine ethics or wisdom to pass on to the children.


It’s clear when observing the low-level mass-psychosis gripping the human world, perpetuated by the constant stream of mind-numbing trivial drivel piped through all available media occupying the minds of the population, the majority of people in every walk of life, no matter where they were educated, nor what sort of work they occupy their time with, are intellectually, emotionally, and socially dysfunctional and deficient. Most don’t even have any sort of honest, realistic rapport with themselves – nor do they have any real ethos, so were they to be placed in a position of power would act just as dishonorably as any politician.


Add to this the fact that power corrupts, especially in the sense of accentuating the egocentric drive for personal success at the expense of those over whom the power is held, and you’ll not spot a notable difference in the corridors of power between those educated in state schools and those who went to posh private ones, boarding or otherwise – except perhaps in the design of the natty ties or twin-sets they wear.


With only one or two exceptions politicians are all like second rate, end-of-pier pantomime artists who weren’t good enough to get a summer season. All have shocking dress sense, dodgy hairdo’s and are all astonishingly naff, fake and out of touch no matter where they were educated nor from which social class they were sprouted, and share very little in common with the true leader archetype.”



Questions by Skrufff.


Nick Dufell : Guardian:








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