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Barefoot Doctor- on Umek and Sharing Samples (& Ideas)


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Slovenian tech/ house star Umek chatted to Skrufff last week about his new Loopmasters sample pack and cheerfully said he’s happy for producers to use them as they like including those who copy. Barefoot Doc approves . . .



Barefoot Doctor: “The next phase of human evolution, in fact the one we’re already in, comprises many aspects but one of the more striking is an apparent partial collective shift away from the objectivistic me-me-me mindset towards a collectivistic us-us-us one instead.


There’s growing cognition that we’re the human family. And there’s growing recognition of the yin-yang, what-goes-around-comes-around mechanism whereby what’s freely shared with a generous, open heart will return to sender multiplied in the fullness of time.


So while Umek may possibly trigger a minuscule royalty drop or a momentary run of copyists, the rewards he reaps even just in terms of the love and gratitude he’ll be receiving from fellow producers all round the world will be far greater, and in the milieu of that love opportunities will be offered to him and so on.


And metaphysically, he’s ensuring others will be generous in return at a time he may need it.


In any case, there’s no point making too much of a big deal about it, for as he says, no one is likely to use his sounds in the same context, sequence or style as him.


But the spirit of free-giving informing it is an example to us all and the more of us that err that way, I say the better – though obviously old-school competitiveness has a valid part to play, such generosity of spirit is one of the essential factors behind any musical movement and it’s an essential part of what’s driving this new renaissance we’re experiencing.”


Questions by Skrufff.


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