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British People’s How Do You Do? Hell





Acclaimed anthropologist Kate Fox said super-shy Brits are struggling to socialise even more these days after previously ubiquitous greeting term ‘how do you do?’ fell out fashion.


Speaking at the Hay Festival, the author of ‘Watching the English: the Hidden Rules of English Behaviour’ also said social media and mobile phones have become ‘a whole new range of ways of avoiding conversation and avoiding eye contact’ while talking about the weather remains a partially effective icebreaker.


“When you say, oh gosh isn’t it cold, you’re not asking for a meteorological report,” she explained, “It’s a way of saying ‘hello’, or ‘I’d like to talk to you’, without having to say anything quite so direct.” (Independent)


The Observer added additional tips for how to greet Brits in a follow-up report including tips on how to shake hands (‘try not to have wet hands or a joke shop buzzer in your palm’) and the art of ‘high fives’


“Best saved for Americans, as Brits tend to miss their partner’s hand. Humiliating,” they advised.


“White people should exercise caution when greeting black people in this manner, especially if preceded by: “Gimme some skin, bro . . . “ they added.


How to High Five Someone: ‘Upon making contact with your partner’s hand and hearing the satisfying *clap* of hand hitting hand, allow follow through of hand in a casual manner . . .’)


How to Never Miss a High Five: ‘Most high fivers pay too much attention to their hands, when, in fact, they should keep an eye on the elbows. To never miss a high five, look at the other person’s elbow as you go in for the slap instead of staring at their hand . . .’







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