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Tortured Brit Locked Up in Dubai for 9 Years for Coke Worth €4





20 year old British student Ahmed Zeidan has been sentenced to 9 years in jail by Dubai authorities after he was found guilty possessing a microscopic wrap of cocaine cops found in a glove compartment in a car he’d been travelling in with 6 friends.


While all five of his Emirati friends were charged with possession, Ahmed (then 19) was charged with dealing, locked up, brutally tortured and threatened with rape by cops keen to make him confess, said legal charity Reprieve, who eventually succeeded in terrorising him into making a signed ‘confession’ written in Arabic which he couldn’t understand.


Complaining about his treatment, however, had even more terrifying consequences, said Reprieve.


“Ahmad Zeidan (20), from Berkshire, has been hooded, placed in solitary confinement for a week and had his access to food and water limited after complaining about conditions in the Emirati prison,” they said in a statement posted on their website in February.


“Mr Zeidan has faced appalling treatment, both during and since his arrest, “Reprieve investigator Kate Higham continued, “That he is now being punished simply for asking to be treated humanely is beyond belief. “ (Torture in UAE: statistics and stories; )













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