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Anti-Bacterial & Nuclear Apocalypse Alerts





Scientists who for the first time discovered antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the River Sowe, Coventry, warned this week that their findings mean Britain is ‘on the brink of Armageddon’.


Study chief Professor Elizabeth Wellington suggested bacteria mixing at sewage plants could be developing resistance, which could soon see operations and even minor scratches proving fatal for people becoming infected.


“This is a big deal because this is the most common bacterial antibiotic resistance gene causing failures in treatment of infections,” Professor Wellington told the Coventry Telegraph, “and it’s the first time anyone has seen this gene in UK rivers.” 


The area and much of England was previously devastated by bubonic plague in the Middle Ages, a period said had profound impact on former villages such as Coventry’s Coundon, which was first recognised in the Domesday book of 1086.


“Cottages recorded as being built in the 14th century were described as derelict in the early 15th and many of the old family names disappeared in the same period,” VisitorUK noted, “It is tempting to ascribe these changes to the terrible devastation of the Black Death.”


Professor’s grim bacterial apocalyptic warning coincided with the publication of an even grimmer report examining the global impact of the detonation of a 100 ‘small’ nuclear bombs, provoked perhaps by conflict between nuclear states India and Pakistan.


Noting that the explosions would release five megatons of black carbon into the air, which would in turn provoke worldwide global cooling, such a conflict would lead to ‘worldwide famine, deadly frosts and global ozone losses of up to 50 per cent”.


“Black carbon rain also kills millions,” the Mail also reported.



The official report: “A limited, regional nuclear war between India and Pakistan in which each side detonates 50 15?kt weapons could produce about 5?Tg of black carbon (BC). This would self-loft to the stratosphere, where it would spread globally, producing a sudden drop in surface temperatures and intense heating of the stratosphere . . . Our calculations show that global ozone losses of 20%–50% over populated areas, levels unprecedented in human history, would accompany the coldest average surface temperatures in the last 1000?years . . .’)












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