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Pioneer Take on Technics 1210 Turntable





Pioneer re-entered the vinyl DJ market dramatically this week unveiling a direct drive high-end turntable (PLX-1000) with numerous similarities to Technics’ once ubiquitous club standard machine the 1210 (which went out of production in 2010.).


Emulating the Technics ‘classic DJ turntable layout’, Pioneer’s new machines feature sound quality enhancements including rubber-lined tone arm to improve isolation and prevent feedback as well as design features that dampen vibrations.


They also have multiple pitch control ranges (±8%, ±16% and ±50%) and detachable cables (removing the need for soldering broken cables that plagued older Technics 1210s as the turntables gradually wore out).


Though the machines were launched at Ibiza’s underground tech/house institution DC10 this week, they go on general sale late August, retailing at 699EUR (with cartridges not included).


DC10 DJ DJebali, who was the first to play the PLX-1000 in public, stressed his enduring 15 year love of Technics in a post on Facebook though was otherwise enthusiastic about the new turntable’s potential.


“It s quite close to the (Technics) mk2 actually. It’s not a clone but the feeling is nice, the pitch is hard enough and the weight of tray is heavy enough too,” said Djebali, “Pioneer did it great on this one! Was really enjoyable,” he added.





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