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Getting Into Berghain (part 5967)




“The exclusivity of a place that claims to be truly authentic, truly non-corporate, non-sellout seems to go against the age’s democratic spirit; exclusivity itself is not something the Twitter punditry could ever be seen praising.” (The Globe and Mail)


Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail singles out Berghain’s no photo, no publicity approach as the ‘secret of its success- ‘the opposite of what every brand manager in North America would instruct you to do’.



“Don’t be afraid. People who are afraid usually aren’t very good at partying.” (Guardian)


Tobias Rapp, author of Lost and Sound: Berlin, Techno and the Easyjetset delivers the best advice for getting into Berghain (and all of Berlin’s best underground clubs) adding that tough door policies are ‘crucial’ for sustaining nightlife subcultures.







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